Article Builder

Google-Friendly, Push-Button Content!

You’ve never seen ANYTHING like this Before!!


That is the headline you will find on the sales page for Article Builder.

Right now they are offering two bonuses when you purchase Article Builder

The first bonus is a A Massive Collection of Super Spun Articles. What is a Super Spun Article you ask? It is an article in spin-formatted text that is created by having one SUPER high quality article written, and then having that article rewritten TWENTY FIVE TIMES with the same “thought structure”.

Those 25 articles are then put together thought-by-thought into one HUGE Super Spun Article. These documents are capable of producing TENS OF THOUSANDS (even hundreds of thousands) of HIGHLY unique articles (90% unique or more).

To have just ONE of these created costs $150 or more, and we’re giving you TEN of them for FREE with your purchase of Article Builder. That’s $750 worth of content — FREE.

You can use these spun articles to post on your blog and social media sites. Article Builder will even post auto fresh unique content to your WordPress bogs.

The second bonus is 1.7 gigabytes of high quality reusable images. You can place these images directly into your articles for posting.

Article Builder is a must for any online business. You can add unique fresh content and always have enough articles to promote your website through social media and other platforms.

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